Silk-Reeling Exercises Basic exercises that facilitate Chen family internal and external mechanics.
19 Form A short form created by Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang as an introduction to the Chen family curriculum. The form contains elements from Lao Jia, Xin Jia and Xiao Jia.
Lao Jia Yi Lu The traditional Chen family long form which contains 75 movements. “Lao Jia Yi Lu” translates as “Old Frame First Road” and is the primary conditioning and training form. This is the mother form from which the Yang and Wu styles developed.
Lao Jia Er Lu Also known as Cannon Fist, Lao Jia Er Lu translates as “Old Frame Second Road” and contains 43 movements. This form is more vigorous, emphasizing agility and power.
Xin Jia Yi Lu Xin Jia Yi Lu translates as “New Frame First Road.” Containing 83 movements and nearly identical to Lao Jia Yi Lu in sequence, this training form emphasizes the silk-reeling skill unique to Chen family Taijiquan and more obvious applications.
Xin Jia Er Lu Xin Jia Er Lu translates as “New Frame Second Road.” Containing 71 movements this form is highly dynamic and powerful in its expression.
Sword Sword form training fosters development of light, spirited footwork and refined silk reeling mechanics.
Broadsword A vigorous form which emphasizes fast, explosive movements. A great cardiovascular exercise!
Spear and Staff The Chen family has combined spear and staff techniques into one form called “Chen Village Pear Flower Spear and White Ape Staff.” The spear is considered the king of weapons and is certainly the most challenging.
Double Mace A short, balanced, and dynamic weapons form that is valuable for whole body coordination.
Push Hands Push Hands, or Tui Shou, is a two person practice which tests the practitioners development. These exercises help the practitioner to better understand empty hand form practice.