Chen Village Broadsword 大刀

Master Chen Bing demonstrates Broad Sword during class at the Taoist Santuary, San Diego

A vigorous form which emphasizes fast, explosive movements. A great cardiovascular exercise!

  1. Preparation Form
  2. Protect the Heart
  3. Green Dragon Out of the Water
  4. Wind Blows Flowers
  5. White Cloud Covers Roof
  6. Black Tiger Searches Mountain
  7. Su Chin Carries the Sword on His Back
  8. Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg
  9. Rolling Away From the Wind
  10. Waist Chops at White Snake
  11. Sun Revolves Three Circles
  12. Move the Clouds to See the Sun
  13. Grass Hides the Snake, Left
  14. Grass Hides the Snake, Right
  15. Green Dragon Out of the Water
  16. Wind Blows the Flowers
  17. Wild Goose Opens Wings
  18. Ferocious Dragon Searches the Ocean
  19. Rolling Body Chopping, Left
  20. Rolling Body Chopping, Right
  21. White Snake Spits Tongue
  22. Embrace the Moon
  23. Closing Form

Chen Xiaowang performing Chen family broadsword