Silk-Reeling Exercises 缠丝功

Silk-Reeling exercises (chan si gong) found in Chen style Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) consist of spiral movements combined with the internal flow of qi and the external motion of rotation.  These exercises help to open the eight channels, improve the yin and yang balance of the body, and smooth the blood flow.  These exercises internally help the mind to lead the qi and externally help strengthen the body and develop core Taijiquan posture and skills.

  1. Zhan Zhuang – Standing Post
  2. Zheng Mian Chan Si – Front Spiral Single Arm Reeling Silk
  3. Heng Kai Bu – Front Spiral Single Arm with Side Stepping Reeling Silk
  4. Shuang Shou Chan Si – Double Hands Reeling Silk
  5. Qian Jin Bu – Double Hand Reeling Silk with Stepping
  6. Hui Tui Bu – Backward Stepping, Left and Right
  7. Chuan Zhan Chan Si – Direct Reeling Silk
  8. Ce Mein Chan Si – Side Spiral Single Arm Reeling Silk
  9. Dan Shou Xiao Chan Si – Single Hand Small Reeling Silk (Both Directions)
  10. Shuan Shou Xiao Chan Si – Double Hand Small Reeling Silk (Both Directions)
  11. Tui Bu Chan Si – Leg Reeling Silk (Both Directions)

Chen Xiao Wang Explains Chan Si Jing