Double Mace 双锏

Chen Family Double Mace Form

The Chen family double mace form is a traditional set that had become rare following the cultural revolution.  Chen Ziqiang restored the form from the Chen family manuals and a few families still practicing aspects of the double mace training.

The form is short, dynamic, and balanced; an excellent form for improved whole-body coordination.  The movements have the qualities of beating, pressing, pounding, blocking, and poking.

Section 1
  1. Starting form
  2. Beast’s Head Mace
  3. Stirring neck from both sides
  4. The universe mace
  5. Beauty holding needle
  6. Phoenix carrying
Section 2
  1. Wheeling dragon
  2. Dancing flower
  3. Golden rooster mace
  4. Flipping leg, turn around and double press
  5. Tame the tiger
  6. Eagle spreads its wings
Section 3
  1. Saint tames the dragon
  2. Crossed mace from both sides
  3. Sweeping the ground
  4. Turn around from the left, jump and turn around mace
  5. Dancing flower from four directions
  6. Servant step chain mace
  7. Tai Chi double mace closing

Chen Ziqiang performing the Double Mace form