Andy Loria – Senior Instructor

After the disciple ceremony in October 2007. Seated is Grandmaster Chen Xiao Xing. Standing are the three disciples (L-R): Cui Wu Zhuang (催武装), Mitch Magpiong, Andy Loria.

Andy Loria has 30 years of Chinese martial arts experience and 20 years teaching experience. He began his training in Yang style Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) in Rockford, Illinois under the instruction of Jim and Angela Criscimagna. In 1991, he began learning Chen style Taijiquan from the Feng Zhi Qiang lineage as taught by Master Zhang Xue Xin. In addition to forms, this training included an extensive study of Chan Si Gong and Hun Yuan Qi Gong. Andy met Master Ren Guang Yi in 1999 and Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang in 2000 and began training in the Chen style Taijiquan from Chen Jia Gou (Henan, China).

Disciple ceremony in Chen Jia Gou Tai Ji temple, October 2007.

Wanting to deepen his understanding and development of traditional Chen style Taijiquan, Andy began traveling to Chen Jia Gou (Wen County, Henan, China) in 2005 to study with Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang’s brother, Chen Xiao Xing. He has traveled to the Chen Village each year since then to train privately with Grandmaster Chen Xiao Xing. In 2007, Andy was accepted as a disciple of Grandmaster Chen Xiao Xing.