19 Form

The Chen 19 Form was created by Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang in 1995 at the request of many students from around the world. There are four sections in the form. The form goes from right to left four times. The principles are based on the Chen Style Lao Jia (Old Frame), Xin Jia (New Frame), and the Xiao Jia (Small Frame). The principles must be understood clearly and then applied to all the 19 Form postures. It is an easy entry level form for beginners to learn. It was designed for modern people who have little time to practice a longer form.

First Section

  1. Yu Bei Shi (Beginning the Form)
  2. Jin Gang Chu Miao (Buddha’s Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar)
  3. Lan Zha Yi (Lazy About Tying Coat)
  4. Shang Bu Xie Xing (Stepping By Walking Obliquely)
  5. Shan San Bu (Stepping Three Steps)
  6. Zou Yan Shou Hong Quan (Hidden Hand Punch, Left)
  7. Shuang Tui Shou (Double Pushing Hands)

Second Section

  1. Dao Juan Hong (Whirling Upper Arms)
  2. Shan Tong Bei (Flashing the Back)
  3. You Yan Shou Hong Quan (Hidden Hand Punch, Right)
  4. Liu Feng Si Bi (Six Sealings, Four Closings)

Third Section

  1. Yun Shou (Cloud Hands)
  2. Gao Tan Ma (High Pat On Horse)
  3. You Deng Yi Gen (Kick With Heel, Right)
  4. Zou Deng Yi Gen (Kick With Heel, Left)

Fourth Section

  1. Ye Ma Fen Zong (Part Wild Horse’s Mane)
  2. Yu Nu Chuan Suo (Jade Maiden Works Shuttles)
  3. Jin Gang Dao Zhui (Buddha’s Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar)
  4. Shou Shi (Closing)

Chen Xiao Wang performing 19 Form