Study Aids


Recommended books

There is a vast selection of books describing and discussing the various styles of Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan). Here is an abbreviated bibliography of books focusing on Chen family Taijiquan.

  1. Chensi Taijiquan Vols 1 & 2

    Written by Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang. It contains great photographs of Chan Si Gong, 19 form, 38 form, laojia yilu, xinjia yilu, sword, broad sword and push-hands. Order it on Chen Xiao Wang’s website.

  2. Chen Style Taijiquan, the source of Taiji boxing

    By Davidine Siaw-Voon Sim & David Gaffney (ISBN I-55643-377-8).

  3. ChenJiaGou Chen Style Tai Chi

    By Chen Zhenglei (Asin: B000N3ZEW8).

  4. Chen Style Taijiquan

    By Zhaohua (ISBN: 7505404806).

  5. Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method/Volume One: Theory

    By Hong Jun Sheng (ISBN: 097300455X).

  6. The Dao of Taijiquan: Way to Rejuvenation

    By Tsung Hwa Jou (ISBN: 0804813574).

  7. Taijiquan: Chen Taiji 38 Form and Applications

    By Ren Guangyi (Tuttle Publishing) (ISBN: 0-8048-3526-8).

  8. Chen Family Taijiquan 25 Key Disciplines

    By Bosco Baek (ISBN: 9781495927010)