Push Hands 推手

There are five types of Push Hands exercises in Chen style Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan).  Push Hands utilizes the same eight methods (ba fa) and five directions (wu bu) as forms practice. 

Eight methods:

  1. peng – ward off
  2. lu – roll back
  3. ji – press
  4. an – push
  5. tsai – pluck
  6. lieh – split
  7. zhou – elbow
  8. kao – lean

Five directions:

  1. jin – advance
  2. tui – retreat
  3. zuo gu – left
  4. you pan – right
  5. zhong ding – central equilibrium

Only after the proper foundation of the forms of Chen style should the practice of Push Hands begin. The purpose of Push Hands is to test your knowledge of the form, to develop sensitivity for the same energies applied by your partner and to test techniques of attack and defense.  The five types of Push Hands begin with single hand exercises and advance step by step to more difficult routines. The key point for beginners is to maintain balance, center, lightness, and relaxation.

Five types of Push Hands practice:

  1. Dan Tui Shou – Single-hand Push Hands
  2. Ding Bu – Stationary Stance Push Hands
  3. Huo Bu – Moving Stance Push Hands
  4. Da Lu – Big Pull Push Hands
  5. Hua Jiao Bu – Flower Pattern Stance Push Hands

Grandmaster Chen Xiao Xing practicing Da Lu